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The Communication Revolution is an award-winning speechwriting & public speaking coaching company that empowers speakers to communicate authentically. Our founder and speechwriter, Megan Pope, will periodically share content here on everything from interpersonal communication skills and dealing with a fear of public speaking to inspiring articles and news on what The Communication Revolution has been up.

Ultimately, we care about helping you find your voice so you can give a speech your audience will love. 

How to Host an Engaging and Effective Webinar

When hosting a webinar or giving a speech, you will probably feel some (or a lot!) of nervousness. You know what? 1) That’s totally normal and 2) No matter who you are, you’re more than able to give a speech or present a webinar that leaves people wowed!

That said, we understand it can be overwhelming to plan a webinar, and we care about you having the resources to make yours powerful and intriguing.

Megan recently authored a guest blog for the team at Together Digital that outlines the 6 Ways to Lead an Engaging and Effective Webinar. (Also included in this blog is a link to a powerful meditation that Megan uses to center herself before taking the stage!)

What Are You Waiting For? 

Are you ready to hone those Zoom skills and impress your webinar attendees? Have you been trying to get started but don’t know where to begin? We here at The Communication Revolution empathize with those feelings and have been there before. It can certainly be time-consuming, difficult, and is new territory for most individuals.

We are here to help.

Whether you need public speaking coaching or assistance with speechwriting, Megan is excited to work with you!

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