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Cicero Speechwriting Awards Winner

Stories of Transformation

When I started the process of writing my TEDx Talk, I felt lost. Megan helped me write a beautiful speech that captured my thoughts perfectly and told me exactly how to practice. I felt confident going on stage and gave a talk I’m proud of.
At first, I did not know the proper way to structure my ideas without getting lost. You gave me the tools that I needed in order to feel confident when it came time to speak at the event. I feel much more prepared when it comes to future speeches.
I had no idea where to start with constructing or writing my TEDx speech. Megan worked very closely with me to ensure my story was well-articulated, personalized, and cohesive. My presentation and communication skills improved throughout this process, and I am more confident in my story-telling abilities.
Working with Megan has been an absolute dream! She is incredibly skilled at making the topics I've provided flow with humor, stories, and true impact. The dynamic I admire the most is her willingness to be encouraging and challenging in order to make our final speech richer, more poignant, and more dynamic.
The experience Megan holds and trains her clients in as a part of Communication Revolution was absolutely imperative in the success of TEDx Central Arizona College. Megan came in and worked tirelessly with [an anxious] speaker, and the polish and emotional resonance of his presentation is a reflection of Megan’s keen eye for maximizing a speaker’s strengths to boost confidence and effectiveness.
Megan is a marvel. She has this uncanny ability to find the story inside you that needs to be told. Then, with just as much magic, she helps to craft, shape, and coach our speakers to tell not just deeper and more meaningful stories but also well-told stories.
Megan was a pleasure to work with. From start to finish she was communicative about the timeline of the project, extremely collaborative and attentive, and most importantly extremely knowledgeable as to how to craft the perfect message!
5 Stars! Megan and her staff are second to none. They are polished, proficient, accessible, and patient.
I can’t say enough good things; Megan was a DREAM to work with. She’s extremely talented, honest, hard-working, organized, and gives it her all. The best part is that she pushes back and challenges you to think about how your audience thinks. Having this “check and balance” approach was key to our success.

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