Great question! We’ve written about it here.

You are in the driver’s seat. We take our time to thoughtfully and carefully interview you to find out information about you, your desired content, your expertise, and the message you want to share. We ask you questions about how you want to be perceived and what makes up your personal brand. 

While some speeches take one interview, longer or more complex speeches may take several interviews. Thus far, there hasn’t been a topic we weren’t able to learn about.

Send us a message here to submit an inquiry, and we will give you a quote! For speeches, share a description of the event, how many minutes of content you need, and your deadline. For blogs and articles, send us a message with a brief overview of the content, desired word count, and deadline.

We once wrote a TEDx Talk in under a week. It’s not easy or recommended, but it can be done. Typically it takes two to three weeks to write a speech or a longer thought leadership piece, especially if there is research and interviews involved. 

Nope! But it is helpful. One of our superpowers is being able to ask the right questions to figure out the heart of your message. We’ll start with your ideas, conduct an interview, and then brainstorm potential concepts. We’ll throw out tons of ideas until one stands out and from there we’ll workshop that idea together until it’s perfect. 

All kinds! To name a few: persuasive speeches, TEDx talks, venture capital speeches, fundraising asks, pitches, state of the union addresses, podcast questions, Q&As for a panel, informative speeches, acceptance and ceremonial speeches, introductions, and speeches for executives or board meeting presentations. 

Absolutely! Megan is a public speaking professor and is skilled at helping clients decide what emotions they want their audiences to feel during their speech and when. We can do as many coaching sessions as you want. We also have general communication coaching if you don’t have an event but still want to hone your communication skills. We’ve worked with everyone from teenagers and students to septuagenarians and CEOs.

Not if you don’t want them to! We pride ourselves on discretion. We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and generally like to keep our mouths shut about our clients’ identities. We won’t share our involvement without a client’s express permission.

We are adept learners and excellent listeners. We have written about several complex topics including options trading, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity software, crypto-currency, and blockchain. Although some topics are more specialized than others, we’ll ask the right questions to tap into your unique expertise and collect your pearls of wisdom which we’ll translate into a digestible speech for your audience. Often, the point of a speech is to communicate a topic to an audience of non-experts, so having a non-expert write about your topic through their lens can be advantageous.

Not at all. Hiring a ghostwriter is like hiring a mechanic to fix the car you drive or hiring an accountant to file taxes under your name. Many people who aren’t gifted at writing still have something important they want to say, and we believe they should; you don’t have to be a talented writer to give a moving speech or publish an article. Politicians and public figures use ghostwriters all the time, and even parts of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech were written by Clarence Jones

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